“I used to think that when anything hard came along I would try to get out of it.  Now I think back to the hard stuff that I have done and it makes things seem a lot easier.  So it has helped my work ethic.”


"The YAW camp really helped me overcome some of my personal fears. I experienced a number of new things on this camp that I thought I would never do. I completely recommend this to others as it is a fantastic experience and a once in a life time opportunity. "


"Before the program I had a lot of issues socialising and meeting new people ... but I now have a more positive outlook on life and have applied myself more in everything I do."


“It has taught me that some people are more fragile than others and sometimes they need space. I also learnt that if you push people too hard they will crack.”


“It has mostly helped me respect my family more"


"Don't stand back in life - go and have a go."


"To be honest, I thought it would be just another long walk, but it was much more than that. The first couple days were probably the hardest. We bonded in the first days when we realised we had to stick together and help each other out. I have learned how important it is to have other people around me. It is something I would definitely do again."


"When you experience fear, you can forget everything and run, or you can face everything and rise … It was daunting turning up to go on a 10 day YAW outdoor adventure camp knowing no one… but I made my choice to rise to the challenge."




Parent Observations:



"I honestly believe Albury/Wodonga needs more youth based opportunities like this exact organisation ...  as the benefits and potential it has to impact on these young peoples lives at such a critical and influential age are substantial."


"My son has since been a lot more enthusiastic about life. He seems to want to volunteer for a lot more things."


"I think it was a great chance to do some peer group bonding and get away from all the rubbish that society has, like television and social media and get out there and have to rely on one another. Also the physical side of it, the exercise, and getting to know each other better, without the distractions"


"Since the trip my son has matured noticeably."