The YAW program is a series of varied activities. Applicants are to attend all of the events listed below to achieve graduation.  The main YAW activity is the 10 day adventure,  followed by a two day activity.  The entire program is then rounded off with a graduation evening.



    • Nominations closed on the 9th August 2019



    • A quick chat so you can meet us and we can meet you.



  • Boys & Girls: 5.30pm, Tuesday 10th September 2019
  • Information night where Mittagundi staff will be in attendance with YAW committee members to run over the program, go through the gear needed and to answer any questions. This will be held at:
    Albury City Council Offices 553 Kiewa St Albury, in the Robert Brown Room. The session will commence at 5.30pm and be done by 6.30pm.


10 day programs

  • Girls: 20th-29th September 2019
  • Boys: 11th-20th October 2019


2 day programs

  • Boys & Girls: 16th and 17th November 2019



    • Boys & Girls: Afternoon of the 17th November 2019

North East Wilderness Program

This is an exciting opportunity for the youth of the Albury and Wodonga region to be involved in an expedition that is more than a journey on the Victorian High Plains. It is a journey of personal development with experienced guides and community volunteers who assist young people to reach their full potential.


It is an opportunity to share new activities and new skills with your peers, and to find out what you are truly capable of achieving.


The Victorian High Plains is a recreational playground for a broad range of activities. It provides 360 degree panoramic views, kilometres of rambling along aquaducts, abseiling, orienteering, bushwalking, cycling and camping. The ten day expedition includes planning and preparation sessions with participant involvement in how the team will move across the high plains. It includes breathtaking views, visits to cattlemen huts, and abseiling. There will be guest speakers on route and accommodation at an outdoor education centre during the journey. Camping will be in light weight tents with communal cooking to enhance the team living responsibilities.


This program is heavily subsidised by the Albury Wodonga Community through YAW sponsors and its supporters who give up their valuable time volunteering.

Core Values for the Program

The focus for small groups in the wilderness is based on setting goals, planning, teamwork and communication planning, and how the skills learned apply to the individual’s journey in life.



Education Leadership


Youth Albury Wodonga (YAW) Programs aim to provide leadership by combining theory and experience to support skill development and to help identify the differences between good and poor leadership. We identify and experiment with, styles and techniques that suit individual personality and tolerance levels.

Engaged learning


We provide a positive experiential learning environment that will enhance situational leadership that has meaning and has real purpose. The Leadership developed isn’t just a concept to be studied and pondered; it provides the tools to be a leader.



Empathy and understanding


On a Youth Albury Wodonga Program you will live as a small community and travel together in a wilderness environment providing a platform that requires everyone to experience a change in comfort levels. It has a social levelling element, away from distractions, that heighten awareness of your surroundings.


These challenges, combined with living and working together towards common goals, builds life skills such as communication, tolerance, compromise, problem solving and the ability to embrace our differences. This will ultimately yield a true sense of teamwork.



Social and Environmental Responsibility


On a YAW Program you will experience the wilderness in a small group facilitated by an educator who will provide a greater awareness and understanding of the outdoor environment and our interconnectedness to it. This is aimed to provide an educational understanding and responsibility about interacting with each other in a wilderness environment.



Personal  Development


If participants are prepared to be challenged and willing to  learn, the skills acquired on a YAW program will instill leadership and personal qualities that will be carried with them for the rest of their life.



Costs are heavily subsidized for the program thanks to our incredible sponsors and dedicated volunteers.



Youth Albury Wodonga is committed to providing positive learning outcomes for young men and women of the Albury-Wodonga Region. It is hoped that the experience will have a positive impact on the participant’s lives and realise the full potential of the participants to learn, discover and identify their potential and how ultimately, their behaviour will influence their future.